Function Band Vs Originals – Part 1 The Customer

Part 1 The Customer

Although the live music scene is not what it was, there is still a great need for live music in a whole heap of settings.

Large well-known Originals bands get to play the biggies…The Festivals and the massive arenas such as Wembley, NEC Arena, MEN Arena etc. They will have supporting bands (who may or may not be so well known), and people will pay as much as is asked for a ticket.

Smaller original bands of course, don’t have the privilege of charging (or making!) so much, and so may be available for hire for a smaller fee.

As a customer, if you have friends in a band, or you’ve come across one on you tube and just love them, you may choose to hire them for your event. However, aside from this, for the average wedding/birthday bash/ball/function event, the obvious solution is to choose a good quality covers or Function Band.

Now Covers and Function Bands have, in the past got a bit of a raw deal, but there are some extremely talented and professional bands out there for a good price if you know where to look!

So apart from price and availability, why would you choose a Function Band?

Your guests will know the songs as they’ve been made famous by someone else!
You may feel this is stating the obvious, but the link of involvement (on the dance floor / singing along) and the ensuing level of enjoyment to the knowledge of the songs is huge…you can’t sing along if you don’t know the song!

Function Bands often come fully-equipped.

Many bands will provide their own sound and lighting rigs, with smoke machines the lot all included in the price. They will set it all up and pack it all away at the end of the night – relieving a lot of hard work on your part and extra cost for the expensive individual hire of this equipment.

The Musicians are used to entertaining your kind of audience.

Some of these bands have been around a while. They are well rehearsed and practiced at motivating your guests to get down and boogie on the dance floor!
But it is not just about motivation and the musician’s character and performance on stage…

The Musicians know what songs to play!

Experience is knowledge! Bands who have played to an excited crowd only to drop in a song which flops know not to play that song again! They equally know which ones get audiences going… love them or hate them ABBA will get almost every female over the age of about 40 up and dancing (Dancing Queen never fails to get my mum on the dance floor!) A good Queen medley will always go down a treat with the 30 plus, as will Justin Bieber for the youngsters!

Experienced bands will also know to recognise when something that may have worked before isn’t working for this specific audience. They should be well practiced enough with a big enough repertoire to be able to change direction to suit their audience, should the need arise.

All this adds up to an experience you won’t forget or regret!!

Finding a quality function band has never been easier with the growth of the internet and subsequent on-line agencies.
You will find set-lists, pictures, reviews and contact details so you have everything you need to organise your best event yet!

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