flipbook-profileWe all remember making flipbooks when we were younger, they evoke memories of doodling in a notebook; one page of a ball bouncing, the next of the ball slightly lower on the page, then it hits the ground, before bouncing a little higher again on the following page. Follow that process through to the end and, voila, when you flipped the pages back, the ball bounced up and down via animation.

For those who never participated, you might remember seeing flip books in penny arcades and amusement parks, and they have long been used by advertisers and marketers – from prizes in Cracker Jack boxes in the early 1900s to novelty giveaways for automobile and snack food companies in the 1960s-70s.

The 21st century reincarnation of flip books century is Pic Flips – by combining old and new technology, they have created an amazing new craze in customized party favors, gifts and amazing keepsakes.

Pic Flips sets up a display small area at a party, event or retail location and invites guests to step behind the camera, dress up, hold up signs and make a short 7 second video clip. In just 90 seconds, the PicFlips process turns the video clip into a personalised flip book while you watch. ‘It is an amazing experience and creates a great memento, something you will keep forever’, says PicFlips’ Matthew Harris, ‘I have been putting on parties for 25 years and have never seen a product create such a buzz!’

The great benefit of PicFlips is its versatility, and its ability to adapt to fit its environment. The ability to personailse the book covers to promote an event or to fit into a specific theme, plus the insertion of scrolling text gives the product a great future. PicFlips averages 50 flip books per hour and is versatile enough to fit into any setting, from casual to couture, party to retail, and is loved by people of all ages. ‘People love the uniqueness and novelty of the flipbook and treasure it, passing them on as gifts, or keeping them as a memory of the day,’ says Matthew.