The joy of playing in a Function Band

One of the great joys of playing in a function band is the variety of songs and styles which you get to play.

Originals bands are obviously focused on their own material, and whilst they may throw a couple of covers into their set, they will only be in the style of their own writings. Equally, tribute bands, (whilst ever so enjoyable!) stick with the one band’s set of songs which they are a tribute to.

Function bands however, get to cover all kinds of songs! Many function bands are wanted for such events as weddings, ‘big’ birthdays, proms or balls and so forth. At such events, they often get to cover songs from he 50’s, 60’s and so on right through to the present day.

The sets tend to be quite long, giving much more opportunity for each band member’s favourite song to be played! But equally, where there may be a particular dislike of a certain type of song such as say, ABBA (love them or hate them!), you will only need to play a couple of them (at most a small medley!) before moving on to something else!

But this isn’t the only bonus of playing a covers set…

A good mix of genres and styles means the set is most likely to appeal across the whole demographic of the ‘audience’. If chosen well, there will be songs for all ages, and the songs chosen will be well known ones that people can sing along with and will encourage them to get up on the dance-floor for a good boogie!

A happy crowd which gets involved, sings and dances along is just what you want as a band – it gives energy and a buzz which inevitably releases a better performance. A better performance makes a happier crowd… and so on!

A great way to find a wide mix of function bands is by using an Entertainment Agency.
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