Good natural energy boost for bands!

Good natural energy boost for bands!

Have you ever got to the end of a gig feeling shattered and ready for bed but having to face all the packing down and the journey home??! As the singer in After Dark Duo, Trio and Chemistry bands, I often felt this until I started drinking Fusion energy drink. Both myself and my husband who also plays in our music bands, now use it each and every gig and we really feel the benefit. The great thing about Amerisciences who produce these wonderful energy boosting drinks, is that they know what they are doing, they are passionate about it and they have solid evidence to back up all of their products.

The company has recently been featured on NBC and Fox TV because these drinks have been proven to significantly fight against harmful effects of radiation. The multivitamin and antioxidant formula have been proved to lessen the effect of radiation which we are all exposed to on an everyday basis.

The study which was commissioned by NASA has been broadcast by American TV and radio stations and is incredibly exciting for the natural food and drink supplements industry. We will certainly be drinking AS10 and fusion from now on and we are also starting to use Headstart in the mornings as a great boost for the day! This citrus flavoured drink maximises both physical and mental performance quickly and increases energy levels throughout the day. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids including taurine that our bodies need every day.

These products are available in many green rooms for festivals, concerts and famous performers are able to try them – it would be interesting to see if they feel less tired after a gig like I and Bill do – please write in and tell us about your experiences as we would love to know!

Our web site is and If you are using other natural energy drinks and supplements to maximise your energy levels, please tell us about them as well. It’s so important to feel at your peak when you’re performing – it takes so much out of you, you have to put something good back and we don’t like to use artificial and unnatural products – we simply don’t have to anymore!